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Protecting a Major Investment

Rugs represent a large portion of any homeowner's investment. Replacing them in their entirety can be costly. Carpeting that isn't properly cared for deteriorates quickly. It detracts from the appearance of a home and its resale value. Rug cleaning should be done on a regular basis. Cleaning up spots as soon as they occur keeps rugs looking good between full clean ups. The acrylic fibers used in today's carpets should stand up to the chemicals found in conventional cleaners. However, most carpeting retains its new look and feel longer if gentler methods are used. Cleansers free from harsh chemicals are also less likely to irritate people, particularly children and pets.

The rug cleaning regimen begins when you buy your carpeting. People who buy standard acrylic carpets might want to check into having a protective spray put on them. An application of this sort prevents spills from quickly sinking into the carpet. It should not be considered a replacement for regular all over cleanings. Maintenance should be scheduled on a regular basis. Steam cleaning is one of the least expensive ways to remove dirt from carpets. This type of treatment provides a quick cleaning but should not be used on finer floor coverings. Over time, this procedure's extreme heat loosens the carpet tufting. It may also dull rich colors.

Avoid steam cleaning carpets made of natural fibers such as silk or wool. Carpets made from these fibers require gentler handling. Consider procedures that use low heats and little water. Massive amounts of water can cause rugs to lose their shape. Today most the words rug and carpet are often used for any type of floor covering. However, technically, the word rug refers to a carpet that measures six feet by nine feet or less. Sometimes rug cleaning for pieces this size is done at the cleaner's facility. Sending small carpets out allows them to be cleaned in a controlled environment. This type of service works well for extremely valuable pieces like Persian rugs.

Persian rug cleaning requires specific skills. Rugs of this type are created using thousands of hand tied knots. Abrasive solvents, extreme heat and/or immersion in water sometimes cause the knots to loosen. The same elements may also result in shrinking the rug or misshaping it. The cleansing agents found in most conventional products also potentially damage valuable floor coverings. It is also important for these floor coverings to dry completely without being exposed to ultraviolet light. For these reasons, many people choose to have their Persian rugs cleaned professionally at the cleaner's facility.

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