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Rug Care in the NY Region

Regular rug care keeps your floor covering looking new. It also prolongs the life of the carpeting. Carpet maintenance scheduled regularly more than pays for itself in the long run. Allowing rugs to become really dirty before cleaning them makes it harder to get them clean. It may become impossible to remove stains that have set for a long period of time. Repairs should also be undertaken as soon as possible. Ripped seams are hazardous for those who walk on them. They also provide places for grime to accumulate. If you are looking for rug repair and rug cleaning NY, Fine Rugs Cleaning Company is a full service company.

Many services that clean rugs use steam. Some companies saturate floor coverings with water and then suck the dirt out. Both of these methods can damage your floor coverings. They should never used on antique rugs or other fragile carpeting. Carpet cleaners of this sort may also use harsh chemicals to dissolve dirt. These substances sometimes damage the rug while cleaning it. Strong cleansers fade brilliant colors. Carpet tufting can be weakened by excessive heat, water and strong chemicals. Older rugs may actually fall to pieces under the stress of conventional cleaners. Fine Rugs Cleaning Company uses 100% non-toxic substances for rug cleaning NY.

A lot of people suffer from headaches, upset stomachs and itchy skin after coming in contact with traditional cleansers. Perchloroethylene, an active ingredient in many cleaning supplies, often causes these symptoms. Repeated contact with Naphthalene can have even more dire results. This coal tar derivative damages the central nervous system in humans. It has recently been targeted as a possible carcinogen. Green rug cleaning companies do not use products containing these ingredients. Non-toxic cleansers don't just benefit people and the environment. They are also gentler on floor coverings. Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning uses 100% natural ingredients for its rug cleaning NY.

Preventive maintenance extends the life and beauty of your floor coverings. Scheduling regular rug maintenance keeps them looking new for years. It may not be possible to fully restore rugs that haven't been cleaned in years. Accumulated grime also makes a place for germs to grow. Conventional rug cleaners can make floor coverings look good for short periods. However, they may damage carpeting over the long run. The gentler ingredients used in green rug cleaning are beneficial in several areas. If you're looking for green rug cleaning, NY, Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning offers a full slate of services.