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Green Carpet Cleaning

Good for your Fine Rugs, your Health and the Environment

More and more people choose environmentally safe methods to clean their rugs. Green carpet cleaning benefits floor coverings, those who walk on them and the environment. Many of the chemicals used in traditional carpet cleaning actually hurt carpets. They fade dyes and weaken carpeting materials. Many are difficult to remove from fabric flooring. Some of the substances found in conventional floor covering cleansers cause multiple symptoms in humans. A lot of people become nauseous and/or experience headaches after coming in contact with rug cleaning agents. The runoff from cleaning carpeting pollutes water. It may also harm plants, trees, insects and animal life.

Commercial rug cleaners which rely mainly on heat and/or heat activated ingredients can damage carpet. They dilute the colors and stretch the carpeting fibers. In addition, wet cleaning agents that are not extracted properly cause mold. Mold can also result from steam cleaning. In the worst cases, mold damages much more than just the floor coverings. It can creep into all areas of the house including walls and foundations. Many human and pet allergies stem from mold. Green carpet cleaning avoids harsh chemicals. It also uses less water which makes extraction easier. Carpeting dries more quickly. Some environmentally friendly rug cleaning services use no water whatsoever.

Ingredients commonly found in traditional floor covering cleansers are cited by scientific sources as being potentially harmful to people. Perchloroethylene, sometimes referred to as perc, has been documented to cause lightheadedness, stomach upsets, headaches and tiredness in humans. Naphthalene is used in a number of cleaners to dissolve dirt. Derived from coal tar, it has been associated with serious damage to the central nervous system of humans. The substance may also be linked to cancer. These two elements remain in the air and on the carpeting after the cleaning has ended. Physical contact with them or inhaling them can be extremely detrimental. Green carpet cleaning does not employ either of these substances.

Conventional methods for getting dirt out of floor coverings also inflict harm on the environment. The runoff contains chemicals which pollute the ground and water systems. Many traditional ways of cleaning rugs are extremely water intensive. Unless it is run through a purification system, this water is unfit for later use. Green carpet cleaning uses organic products to release dirt from floor coverings. These natural ingredients cause minimal, if any, damage to the surroundings. People, animals and plant life suffer no ill effects from these advanced methods. Another objective of this type of service is using considerably less water. Thus, carpeting, people and the environment all benefit from improved methods for cleaning rugs.