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Our Fine Rugs Philosophy

Your Fine Rugs and Carpets Deserve Superior Care

Floor coverings account for a significant portion of any home owner's furnishings budget. Carpeting plays an integral part in the design of a home. Some homeowners also have pieces that are family heirlooms. A fine Oriental rug or carpet is a valuable work of art. It also carries memories. Fine Rugs Cleaning Company shares your appreciation of the quality craftsmanship that went into producing your home's superior floor coverings. We believe that your possessions deserve superior care. All of our personnel are committed to providing you with services that meet your specific needs. There are no "one size fits all", cookie cutter solutions here.

Fine Rugs Cleaning Company uses organic products which enhance the beauty of your floor coverings. No harsh chemicals will dull the rich colors of your prized Persian carpet. No abrasive solvents will weaken the quality fibers in your costly rug. Just using organic cleaning products doesn't ensure that the coverings on your floors are clean. We also have the expertise to use these products efficiently. All of our employees receive training in ways to effectively remove grime using natural substances. We constantly investigate new products. It is our aim to be the leaders in green carpet cleaning. Our knowledge base in this area is large, varied and continually updated.

The commitment of Fine Rugs Cleaning Company to natural cleansers benefits your health and the environment, too. Traditional carpet cleaning products have long been associated with minor health irritations. Many people suffer from headaches, nausea and/or itching skin after coming in contact with these substances. Naphthalene, a coal tar based substance, can have grave consequences for a person's health. It has been linked to severe problems within the human central nervous system. Recently this element has been investigated for possible associations with cancer. The effects of cleansers that use these products linger long after the actual cleaning ends. We do not use compounds containing elements of this nature.

Conventional procedures for removing dirt from floor coverings are very water intensive. Hundreds of gallons of water may be needed to thoroughly clean a houseful of carpeting. Water contaminated with cleaning chemicals cannot be used for other purposes. It also contaminates runoff areas. Many times these areas are directly adjacent to the properties being cleaned. The processes employed by Fine Rugs Cleaning Company use considerably less water. The water that is used contains fewer pollutants. We are always looking for ways to use even less water. Our aim is to enhance the beauty and extend the life of all your home's floor coverings. Your health and the good of the environment also rank among our highest priorities.