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Fine Rugs

Our Fine Rugs History

Decades of Experience in Caring for Fine Rugs

The Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning story began decades ago. We have been established in the New York area since 1971. Over the years our hard work has built a reputation as one of the region's premier sources for carpet care. Homeowners and businesses have trusted us for years with all their floor covering needs. Not content to rest on our laurels, our brand has branched out from its original mission. The company now provides power washing and restores floor coverings damaged by floods. We want to protect your health and our environment just like you do. Long before the current trend, our products and cleaning methods went green.

Years ago, Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning started out cleaning and repairing antique rugs and carpets. Our customers brought us their treasured heirlooms and we treated them as our own. Today, clients old and new choose our experienced technicians to handle the care of their valuable handmade carpeting. Building on that base of trust, we added power washing and flood damage repair to our services. As our list of services increased, so did our coverage area. Today we provide carpet care solutions throughout New York City as well as many locations in New Jersey. We also have customers in Westchester, Connecticut.

Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning uses 100% organic products in all of our services. Our commitment to using non-abrasive, non-toxic materials began with our first customers. We knew then that high quality rugs and carpets deserved premium care. Every precaution was taken to preserve their original beauty. In pursuit of this goal, we found substances that cleaned gently and rinsed out thoroughly. These methods did more than preserve our customers' prized possessions. They also guarded our customers and the environment. Our clients soon realized that our cleaning methods didn't irritate their systems. Noxious fumes didn't permeate their homes for days after their carpets were cleaned.

Many carpet cleaning businesses have embraced green methods. It takes more than non-toxic products to protect you, your carpets and the environment. Company personnel must know how to efficiently apply the substances. They must also be versed in which products work best on which fabrics. Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning has forty years experience working with high quality floor coverings. Our knowledge is grounded in years of hands on experience. In short, we know what we're doing. We and our customer base have grown together. You can depend on us to be here when you need expert care for your valued floor coverings.