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Things To Consider

All carpet cleaning is not created equal. There are a variety of factors you should consider before having your floor coverings cleaned. Different carpet fabrics require different types of care. Some rugs should be taken in for cleaning. Artisan produced carpets from Persia should be displayed and maintained in very specific ways. People even figure into the techniques used to clean carpets. The environment also plays a part in the choices some people make about carpet maintenance. You might want to think about a few of these aspects before the next time your carpets are cleaned.

Some people assume that a weekly once over with a vacuum is all the maintenance their floor coverings need. Many supplement vacuuming with steam cleaning once every few months. These two methods might work for awhile with modern acrylic carpets. They are not sufficient, however, if you want to extend the life and look of your floor coverings. Acrylic fibers found in many of today's standard floor coverings are hardy. After a few years, though, even they will succumb to the excessive heat and water used in conventional carpet cleaning. Spot cleaning and proper vacuuming procedures help in the short term. Cleaning methods designed for specific rug types work in the long term.

Stains left to sink into carpets permeate through to the underlying padding. Over time they may result in odors. Additionally, a spill that seeps into the padding can continue to bleed through even after multiple cleanings. Minimize the effects of a spill by blotting it up as soon as you become aware of it. Lift the stain out with quick daps of warm water. Many stubborn stains respond to a diluted solution of a mild detergent. Thoroughly rinse any spot treated in this manner. Soap left in a carpet quickly attracts dirt and may also leave a circle. If you are in doubt about whether a detergent should be used, don't use it.

Never use abrasive chemicals to clean rugs made from silk or wool. These items should also never be cleaned with steam or soaked in water. Both procedures may ruin their colors and shapes. Carpet cleaning that uses heat to remove stains may also harm the weave of the rug. Floor coverings made by hand are not as hardy as machine tufted carpets. Their delicate knotting may begin to ravel when exposed to harsh treatment. Non-toxic cleaning products are also better for the people who live with the carpets. Many common ailments such as sinus problems, upset stomachs and rashes can be traced to chemical cleansers.

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