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Carpet Cleaning NY

Services Offered in the NY Area

Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning provides service throughout the New York City area. We also travel to customers in New Jersey and Westchester, Connecticut. Throughout the five boroughs customers depend on us for all their carpet cleaning needs. Folks in Long Island also know they can count on our company. We are a full service facility for carpet cleaning NY. Trust your antique rugs and carpets to us. Our expert technicians will quickly clean and repair them. They'll be returned to you in like new condition. Call on us for your power washing needs, too. We can also restore water damaged floor coverings in homes and businesses.

Cleaning antique Persian rugs and carpets requires specialized knowledge. Carpeting of this sort is a work of art. Many of these floor coverings took years to produce. Artisans drew on centuries old techniques for their carpeting designs. The intricate weaves could only be done by hand, with each knot individually tied. Great harm can be done to these masterpieces if they are not handled properly. For decades, the technicians at Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning have meticulously taken care of such projects. We can come to your home to clean your treasures or bring them back to our facility. Free pick-up and delivery is provided for carpets that are cleaned at our carpet cleaning NY warehouse.

Power washing returns faded flooring to its former glory. Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning uses equipment precisely adjusted to the type of flooring being cleaned. Only 100% non-toxic substances are used in our power washing solutions. We use totally organic products in all of our cleaning services. Your pets, your children and you won't suffer the ill effects commonly associated with traditional cleaning methods. Your home and/or business will be free of noxious fumes and skin irritants. These natural products also eliminate many of the hazards harsh chemicals often visit on the environment. You don't have to sacrifice well being for superior carpet cleaning NY.

Improperly repaired flood damage leaves the door open for continuing problems. Floor coverings saturated with dirty water must be cleaned as soon as possible. Not only must they be cleaned, they must be thoroughly dried. Carpeting that holds moisture is a breeding ground for mold. The technicians at Fine Rugs Carpet Cleaning possess the equipment and the knowledge to restore your flood damaged flooring. We will ensure that no unseen hazards lurk in poorly dried carpeting. Let us do your flood damaged carpet cleaning NY job. You won't be left with worries about mold or mildew creeping into your home or business.