Fine Rugs – The Defining Features Fine Rugs

November 13th, 2011

Fine rugs immediately stand out from lesser quality floor coverings. Weavers who create these products are considered artisans. They work with luxurious fibers and rich colors. Many designs stem from traditional patterns which hearken back centuries. Some weavers update these motifs for a more modern look. Machines are not used. The craftsperson spends hundreds of hours handcrafting a superior rug. Personal attention of this sort gives each specimen an individual look. A machine made floor covering becomes less valuable as it ages. A well cared for finely crafted rug gains value over time. The quality of its materials and the artistry of its maker become more evident.


Size determines the category into which a floor covering falls. The term rug refers to coverings measuring six by nine feet or less. Fine rugs possess several other distinguishing characteristics. They are entirely handmade. It is impossible for a machine to produce the complex patterns associated with this art. Each stitch in the weave is hand knotted. Any product produced even in part by a machine doesn’t qualify as a superior specimen. Fiber choice also sets these artistic works apart from conventional floor coverings. Cheap, chemically treated yarns are not used. Most weavers choose wool and silk for their creations.


The methods employed to create fine rugs also differentiate them from standard coverings for floors. A rug is produced by weaving fibers horizontally across vertical rows of fibers. The horizontal placement is called the weft. The vertical framing is called the warp. The maker of a superior weave hand knots the wefts. Hand knotting makes the product much stronger than those tufted by machines. A floor covering can be handmade but not hand knotted. This is possible because some people use handheld machines which tuft the piece rather than knotting it. To determine if a work was knotted by hand, turn it over. The individual knots should be discernable.


A conventional rug serves the utilitarian purpose of covering the floor. Many accomplish this purpose with style. However, fine rugs are works of art. Their intricate patterns and high quality fabrics separate them from similar standard products. Casual observers usual notice their superior quality. The trained eye recognizes the features which distinguish them from mass produced floor coverings. Over time, a hand knotted creation achieves a look comparable to the luster found on antique wood. Collectors appreciate the richness time adds to a rug knotted by hand. Purchasing this type of floor covering should be viewed as an investment which will gain value as the years pass.

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