Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn- Specialty Methods for Commercial Spaces

December 8th, 2011

If you have a business in Brooklyn, you want to make sure that it always looks its best. While there are plenty of different ways to do this, commercial carpet cleaning Brooklyn services provide is typically going to give you the results that you deserve. There are plenty of different services out there and each has their own unique cleaning methods. It will be your decision as to which companies and methods you prefer, but understanding your options first will help you make the right choice. Different cleaning processes produce different results, and some work better for commercial spaces than other.

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, Brooklyn cleaners understand the increased amount of work that there is to do. Unlike a home, a business sees a lot more traffic and often requires a much more intensive process for cleaning to get the best results. While hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is still the most popular option, it isn’t the only choice that people have. Companies that use this method have the best machines to agitate carpet fibers and remove the dirt, and technology is making it easier for you to get the results that you deserve.


Another method of commercial carpet cleaning Brooklyn companies use is carpet shampooing, which will utilize a shampoo-like product to clean and eliminate dirt from the floors. This is more effective than hot water extraction because it gets more of the dirt out, but it can also leave behind a residue that causes floors to be sticky and collect more dirt after cleaning. This is why the method isn’t as popular as others. Encapsulation and bonnet cleaning are also popular commercial options, but again they have their own limitations in not being able to get down into the depths of the carpet to get all of the dirt removed properly.


The latest technology in commercial carpet cleaning Brooklyn cleaners provide is dry carpet cleaning. This method is preferred because there is no requirement for drying time like with other cleaning methods. Dry carpet cleaning provides a thorough clean without the dampness, which is what makes it ideal for a commercial setting. It is ultimately going to be up to you to explore the different methods and work with cleaners to determine what is best for your business. This process is one that should be completed annually, or more often in high traffic commercial spaces, allowing you to keep a clean, presentable business at all times.

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